The Devil You Know

Halloween was becoming a favourite holiday of mine as I got older. Any excuse to dress up and drink with friends and freak out people for fun was alright in my book. In recent years my most successful costume for instilling fear into people was when I dressed up as a clown. I didn’t even dress up as a scary clown (like Stephen King’s It) just a normal slap-stick one, and it freaked out so many people it was ridiculous.

There was one moment when I stood in costume, in the silhouette of a window above a shop on a high street in this costume wielding a fake bloody meat cleaver. The window was opposite a pub and come closing time when every one was exiting my friends thought it would be hilarious to flicker the lights. We had a right laugh watching grown men literally race each other up the high street. Fun times.

In 2012 there were no grand plans for halloween, no house party, no night out. It was going to be just Megan and I for the weekend back in Somerset, it was a Halloween like no other. We celebrated over two nights, there was a costume for each evening. If you’re thinking along the lines of the Mean Girls ‘popular girls’ rule for dress up you’d be thinking far too tame. Let’s just say there were photographs that night that made the private collection.

On the first night Megan was a devil. She strutted into my room with confidence wearing sexy red lingerie finished off with the tail, the horns and a little pitchfork. I suddenly felt over-dressed. Megan soon rectified that, the costume seemed to last barely ten minutes. Which wasn’t helped by the fact that we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

The second night was our date-night. We had planned on the spending the day and evening at Longleat. This time for the safari during the day and staying on for the firework display in the evening. It really was a favourite place of ours to visit. It was so cold that day that we were both freezing cold. As ever I hadn’t packed appropriately for the weekend.

I was robbed of my hard-earned cash at the gift shop when I had to succumb and buy a wooly hat and gloves for the evening. We spent the day being goofy happy with each other snapping photographs as we waited in the last of the daylight and moseyed through the grounds. The photographs were rather adorable, we were all snug in our winter layers and huddled together taking selfie after selfie just attempting to get the perfect shot.

It was another one of those moments that reminded me just how much Megan loved me. She wanted to remember every last detail of our dates. That’s why she always seemed to have a camera attached to her. She’d attempt to capture the way I would look at her like she was the only person on the planet, or as we stole a cheeky kiss to stoke that fire that kept us warm in the cold. I loved the photos from that night. I had a few printed off to put on my wall when I was back in London.

When we arrived back home that night I believe we had Megan’s house to ourselves and we were back in Halloween mode. This night Megan dressed up as a black cat. The night before had been super saucy and the cat thing was much cuter however still jaw-dropping. Even more surprising was the trick-or-treat set up that Megan had arranged for the living room.

There was a throw on the living room floor, little halloween decorations and fairy lights throughout the room. There were candles glowing and little sweet treats around the room. Between us we certainly knew a trick or two to go with it. I can’t really say that I felt I was missing out on the parties and the dressing up. I much preferred Megan’s dressed-down way of celebrating halloween.

As ever, the weekend was over much too soon. In the run up to Christmas Megan would visit often. We had a lot planned to keep us entertained here in London. There was the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, I wanted to take her to Harrods, I knew the hippie in her would really enjoy Camden and just any type of Christmas shopping in general. If we had enjoyed our summer of love it was going to be nothing compared to the upcoming festive season. I think it’s safe to say that Autumn is my favourite season, and Christmas is my favourite holiday. I wanted to make sure our first one was going to be a good one.

The whole time we were enjoying our time together and planning even more dates and things to do when we could be together Megan was still applying for jobs here in London. It was turning out to be slow progress, she seemed to be sending off applications daily and it seemed that most wouldn’t even acknowledge the application. It’s a busy time of year for people looking for employment and I guess every company gets overwhelmed by applicants, especially when unemployment is rife.

I encouraged Megan to keep her hopes up. Something would come good in the end. I kept an eye out for opportunities within my company too. We had generally agreed it would be overkill if we were to work in the same department, as a couple we’d need a work / life balance. So I was keeping my eye open for something in our sales team. I’d refer her for a position the moment one became available.


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