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For best results start at the beginning and read until you get up to present day, my best estimate is that it will take you about three weeks of solid reading, but at least all the stories will make sense.

The Beginning

Just because there are some posts that I happen to have written that are better than others here’s some of my more humorous, emotive or just plain juicy tales…

Lesbian Mecca
The One That Got Away
The Worst Sex Ever
Coming to get you
First Kiss

So my blog has tonnes of posts now and I’ve been plugging away writing my memoirs in chronological order as and when I’ve found the time. However I realise that as a reader that means you see the most recent of my memoirs first and may end up reading backwards. There are several key events that I’ll list in sequence so that you can easily find the start of my story, or a particular saga. I will stop writing when this memoir has caught up to the date I started writing in September 2013

Coming Out (2002)

Holy sh*t I’m gay!?
Lets tell my friends…
Oh and why not the Parents too

My First Relationship (2003 – 2007)

How we navigated friendship to relationship
First Everything
We were on a break
On again
Open relationship FAIL!
Finally Over

The Start of Something New (2007 – 2011)

Falling for her
Plain Sailing
Lies and Cheating
Second Chances
Stuck in a Rut
Growing Apart

London Calling (2011 – 2012)

Moving to London
The Break Up
Should I stay, Should I go
Putting yourself out there
Dating pitfalls

The Next Chapter (2012 – 2013)

That’s it, I’m staying
Family Wedding
New scene, new friends
Old friends, new feelings

Finally, as mentioned elsewhere on the site I’m also writing a book, here’s an excerpt.

All photographs on this page are a wonderful project called “All Love is Equal” by Braden Summers, pretty awesome aren’t they!



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