Happy Ever After?

Forever seemed to stretch out in front of me, and Megan was part of everything that I could imagine for myself. We were so ridiculously happy, it was clear for everyone to see that we were besotted with each other. I wasn’t nervous about hoping anymore, I genuinely believed this was it, my ‘happy ever after.’

After we settled in after moving I heard from my old housemate Dana that she was taking an opportunity at work to moveĀ abroad for a year. It was going to be weird not having Dana around, not living together, she’d been the one that saved me from heading back to Somerset with my tail between my legs when I was at my lowest. We invited Dana round to see our new place and wish her well with her year away in China and Hong Kong.

Dana was just one of the many friends of mine that seemed to think that when Megan and I found each other that we had hit jackpot. I couldn’t disagree with that, I was head-over-heels. I enjoyed thinking about our future together, moving in together was just one small step of our life together. I didn’t exactly have it all planned out but it was nice to daydream.

I’d go from dreaming about maybe one day doing all the conventional stuff like buying a house together, maybe think about a family to travelling the world together and collecting a lifetime of experiences… somehow though there was always a puppy in the equation. I’m one of those rare lesbians that prefer dogs to cats. In fact I used to go so far as to say I disliked cats, but since I now live with one and she’s quite cute I’ve been won over.

I was happy enough just knowing that we had a future together. I couldn’t imagine anything that could ever come between us. My friends at work one day caught me daydreaming and the banter ensued about how smitten I seemed. Over Christmas Megan had given me a charm bracelet that I could add little tokens to whenever we shared a special occasion together.

To begin with it just had one charm on there, a silver heart engraved with the words ‘more than chocolate’ since that was our little inside thing. I loved that bracelet and wore it every day without fail. After Valentine’s Day more charms were present, my term of endearment for Megan had been angel. So she was rightfully represented on the bracelet with a pair of angel wings… doesn’t it just make you want to gag? We really were that couple.

As time moved on we seemed to be more and more perfect for each other. We were similar in all the right ways and exact opposites when we needed to be. We were passionate about each other and had crazy chemistry. I didn’t think we were in the honeymoon period anymore, we had surpassed that and we still craved each other and looked forward to an ever expanding future.

Things all of a sudden seemed to get real serious for me. I’d taken a step to living more in the moment when Megan came back into my life. I used to think I had a master plan but in all honesty my life just seems to flow better when I’m living moment to moment. Yet there are some things that always take a little planning, like holidays or dare I say it, proposals.

A couple months previously when we had been busy doing our Christmas shopping a brochure from a jewellery shop had caught my eye. I had been looking for something for Megan like a necklace or earrings, she had been looking for my bracelet unknown to me. However while browsing I stumbled across the perfect ring for her, sure it was expensive and a crazy move to make but the thought was there. It was exciting.

I got caught out on my lunch break at work looking at the jewellers website one day, my colleagues asked if it was an engagement ring I happened to be shopping for. I sheepishly said yes, my only plan was that in a few months time, perhaps when we would be celebrating our anniversary I might feel like it’s the right time. All I knew was that was the right ring for her.

Never in my life had I ever thought about proposing to anyone. Sure, I had thought about marriage before when I had been in really long relationships and it just felt expected, but I’d never seriously thought about buying a ring and popping the question.

Megan knew, how could she not see how crazy I was about her? It was even something we had casually chatted about when spending one of our many romantic nights together. My only thought was that she might actually beat me to it, just like with Valentine’s Day. Although since I’m not the biggest fan of jewellery I’m pretty sure the task of choosing a ring for me alone would slow down the process for her.

The next task at hand was planning a holiday for us. I had spent the whole of 2012 without a holiday, unless you count a bank holiday weekend in the rain on the coast and I wasn’t about to let that happen again. My lady had always dreamed of going to Paris, I felt in the mood to make her dreams come true. I started looking at spending a week in Paris in June, it would double as my birthday and our anniversary when we’d be there. I booked an apartment for us, the Eurostar tickets would follow.

I thought that maybe, just maybe, this really was the start of our happily ever after.


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