Moving Day

The weekend that we had been waiting for was finally here. There was a lot of driving for all of us, my Dad had gotten the van from work and Megan had helped him load up the big items she would be bringing with her while I was still in London. When Friday came around I drove back to Somerset to meet them before finishing the packing up on the Saturday, we’d get all the moving done in one day on the Sunday.

On the way to London we stopped briefly at Reading and visited a large home store type of shop to buy a few last minute bits and bobs. It would be the first time my parents would have seen where I’d be living in London, when I had been living in shared accommodation it wasn’t really appropriate to have family come to stay.

We had plenty of photographs, shabby chic trinkets and soft furnishings that would instantly put our mark on the place. It was an oddly sunny day for the time of year, unseasonably warm and although we appreciated that it wasn’t raining there’s nothing worse than being too hot and having to lug heavy stuff up and down two or three flights of stairs.

They say many hands make light work, I guess that’s true unless you’re talking about my hands, then they just get in the way. Megan was a machine though, she teamed up with my dad and seemed to make light work of it. The most difficult to navigate around the stairs and up to our apartment on the top floor was the sofa and the wardrobes.

The wardrobes were assembled and bulky. One of the doors also had a rather heavy full length mirror on it so it was possibly the trickiest of the lot. In the end we took the doors off, we planned to make them over anyway using some sticky-back plastic. Don’t judge it was a genius idea seeming as the shiny lacquered look was quite fashionable at the time.

My parents were amazing, they had put in a lot of graft helping us move everything from Somerset up to our apartment, and when that was done they helped me move the rest of my things from Ealing to Brentford. My Dad came prepared with all the necessary tools for assembling the sofa that was currently in pieces.

Once everything was manoeuvred into place and we were done with everything that needed to be assembled we stepped back and breathed a sigh of relief. We noticed almost right away that we had underestimated the size of our new home. Even with all the furniture in, it still managed to look quite bare.

We couldn’t wait to start unpacking and finding homes for everything. We connected up the TV and found an existing satellite TV link-up so it amazingly worked straight away, always a bonus when you don’t have to wait in for an engineer.

We sat in our new digs with my parents tired and in desperate need of refreshments. Take out to the rescue, we’d already spotted a shop on the corner where we’d be able to buy the essentials for the time being. My mum and dad had to get back to Somerset that night so after a quick rest after the busy day they hit the road again.

Megan and I were finally here in London together in a place that was ours. Megan would start her new job the next morning and was feeling a little nervous and excited. She adorably picked out what she planned to wear on her first day. Then we of course went to bed early that night. We were home.


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