The Perfect Ending

New year is both a beginning and an end no matter how you look at it. Megan and I had been together just six short months that had flown by like lightening. After only having reconnected at the beginning of 2012 our relationship was unrecognisable from what it had been the year before.

We went from estranged acquaintances to friends then very close friends to and eventually lovers all within the space of a year. Despite all that nothing felt rushed. So when it came to bringing in the new year together and celebrating the start of 2013 we both thought that this would be the first of many that we’d get to spend together.

I remember after Christmas and NY was over finding myself back in London alone and feeling kind of empty. Despite all the unhappy events in the run up to and over Christmas there was still a lot to celebrate. I was happy and in love. After arriving in London I found a note Megan had left for me on my iPad.

She had told me how she had a magical Christmas because it was spent with me. That although we hadn’t had the NYE we had planned for (we had hoped to be in London on the South Bank watching the fireworks) that it was still the best one that she had ever had. We had spent the evening at my home in Somerset. We had the house to ourselves for the night which meant that we could enjoy a living-room picnic and watch the fireworks on the telly in front of the fire.

Sometimes it really is nice to just slow down and enjoy the company of someone special. Forget the frenzy of going out and always being on form when entertaining friends and relatives. We hadn’t made any resolutions for the year ahead, instead we both made a list of things we wanted to do together.

I remember writing things down like take you on at least one date a month, dance with you as often as possible, visit Paris together, take you to a concert and to find a way to liveĀ together and put a stop to the whole distance thing. The list altogether was quite long, I think it was 13 things for 2013 but I really can’t remember them all.

It wouldn’t be long until we’d be ticking one of the biggest items off that list. All the work that Megan had put in to finding a job here in London was about to pay off. Unknown to me, Megan had still been applying for many jobs in the area. She’d just been keeping most of it to herself in an effort not to get her hopes up again. When she had an interview for a company selling pet insurance she finally clued me in. I was delighted for her.

Once again we were back into action with interview preparations and bringing out her killer-hot interview outfit for the occasion. The added bonus of getting a couple of extra weeknight visits in the bag too was always worth being happy about. Megan didn’t seem as stressed about the interview process this time as she had been when interviewing for my company. It seemed like she was a lot calmer and more confident in many ways.

She breezed through the first interview and the second was in the bag. Once again we tried not to get out hopes up. It was a sales job which meant a meagre salary (by London standards) with OK on target earnings, but it was something we could work with and a ‘foot in the door’ so to speak.

After the second interview it wasn’t long at all before Megan got the news she was waiting for. She had finally secured a job in London. This was it now, there would be no more long-distance. We could see each other every day if we wanted to. Megan promptly handed in her notice at the supermarket in Somerset and we were counting down the days until she’d start her new job.

There was so much to do in such a short space of time. Yet no matter how you looked at our New Year together the one thing I couldn’t help but realise was for me when 2011 had ended in such a mess, 2012 had been perfect and had ended with so much hope.


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