Every day seemed to be speeding by at an alarming rate. Even when I look back now it’s a blur and I find it hard to distinctly remember what happened when. There are however moments that stand out more than others. Megan was going for the hat-trick of life changes new home, new relationship all she needed next was the new career.

I helped as much as I could with interview prep and helping her update her CV. The problem was that Megan didn’t really know what she wanted to do. But then who does, I was working as a Project Support Analyst for a massive telecoms company at the time and it certainly isn’t the job I had imagined for myself at any point, my career had just evolved and I found myself going in that direction by playing to my strengths.

Megan had been working in a Supermarket for a number of years and struggling with the physical aspects of her job due to her health problems and desperately wanting to find something better to do with her life. To begin with she was looking for a new job, it could have been back in Somerset, as long as it was an upgrade to what she was doing it would have been enough to keep her happy. She even enrolled on a course to train as an emergency responder to administer emergency first aid in the area. Megan spent a whole weekend at the course and was supposed to spend 15 hours out with a paramedic but could never seem to find the time to do it.

I remember one evening when I was back in London that had shifted her focus completely. For me, the day hadn’t been any different to any other. I was enjoying work, I had an amazing girlfriend and by spending plenty of time back in Somerset I got to see my family all the time and I loved going out in London on the weeknights with the friends I had made. Megan called me up one evening after she’d had a really bad day.

The continual job search was getting to her, hearing nothing back for so long was even worse. I remember the phone call was particularly hard to hear, she was just so upset and frustrated by feeling that it was never going to happen for her, that she might be stuck at the Supermarket forever. It was enough to bring her to tears, I remember hearing her on the phone saying how much she was missing me and just how hard it was to be apart like we were. How she always felt amazing when we were able to spend time together and when we weren’t it was devastating.

I’ll admit I was worried by the way she sounded on the phone. The words she had used to tell me how she was feeling had struck a chord with me. It almost sounded like a break-up could be on the cards. That if something didn’t come up soon that she wouldn’t be able to cope with our relationship dynamic anymore. I think that would be enough to worry anyone, I think it was after that point that we both decided to double our efforts with her job hunt with a renewed focus on looking for something here in London.

We even discussed what we might do if it turned out that Megan couldn’t get a job here. Would I ever consider moving back to Somerset, I couldn’t see it some how. The line of work that I’ve ended up in just doesn’t exist locally to where I used to live, I’d be faced with a massive commute every day at best or relocation to somewhere completely different at the worst.

However shortly before Christmas there was finally some movement on the job front. Megan had been offered an interview as a Sales Advisor at the place where I work. I can’t remember exactly the sequence of events but I think she was already visiting me in London when she was invited to an interview, it started off a long stint of coming and going for Megan. We were lucky that we were able to time in one or more of her interviews with her planned visits.

The night before her first face to face interview at my company she had a wardrobe ‘disaster’. Megan was doing tonnes of prep and reading up about all the products and services that the company offers. I was putting her through her paces and quizzing her using my own inside knowledge until we got to a point where there is such a thing as being too prepared. So instead she started freaking out about what to wear and whether the outfit that she had chosen was good enough. Eventually she had decided against the outfit she had chosen and we were going out to a 24/7 supermarket the night before to see if there was something more suitable.

Megan managed to pick up a stunning black and red panel dress that she looked amazing in. It was just the finishing touch that she needed. It did wonders for her confidence, she amazingly seemed to stop stressing about the interview the following morning and decided to relax and unwind with me and put it as far out of her mind as possible.

I had managed to relax again, the sudden flurry of activity on the job search front had put any worries that I might have had about our relationship failing because of the tensions running high over the whole distance thing. We hadn’t really thought about what would happen when Megan would get a job offer in London. We were however both beginning to hope that it would happen, she got through to the final round of interviews and it all was looking promising.

Megan had done everything she could, all we could do now was wait.


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