Sex is on fire

In the throws of passion in a new relationship… better stock up on the cranberry juice, and sadly not to be enjoyed with vodka. Ah, the side of the honeymoon period that rarely gets talked about. For anyone that’s read good old fifty shades I dare you to find the cranberry reference, it’s not explained at all but we all know why it’s there.

Why have I read fifty shades? Curiosity mostly, what is this book everyones talking about etc. To be honest it’s pretty tame and repetitive compared to some other lesbian stuff I’ve read over the years. Actually it was Megan who had started reading them and shared her copy with me, then I must have a slightly addictive personality because once I’d read one I had to read them all.

A little bit of kink is fine in my book. Not all out whips and chains and I like to make you scream with pain because it makes me horny but every now and then spice things up, try something new. Megan and I were in that phase where spicing up was not required, sex was spontaneous and almost as essential to us as oxygen.

Also, being away from each other during the week made us more playful in how we’d approach our intimate encounters. We really got to play around with the sense of anticipation and it worked wonders for us. For example, imagine getting home from work and hearing your mobile phone go off, when you pick it up there’s a picture of some sexy lingerie with the caption “I’ll be wearing this for you on Friday” how much would you be looking forward to the weekend then?

Not to mention that we were completely head-over-heels beyond the realms of rational thought in love with each other. Sex can be exciting enough when it’s casual and clumsy but when you’ve got all the feels (yes I did just say that) and a libido that just won’t quit it’s a recipe for some heavy panting, a lot of OMG’s and realising that you can actually forget your own name.

It was fair to say the sex was on fire. It didn’t matter day or night, or frankly where we were. If we wanted it, we had it. Of course there was a degree of decorum involved, we didn’t just jump each other in the middle of the condiments isle in Tesco… At least, not that I remember.

We were confident with each other too. Probably because we trusted one another so completely. That meant that the sexy-times were completely uninhibited. I remember being astounded after a trip home when we had the house to ourselves I was greeted by a rather sexy dressed-down surprise that ended with me being given an impromptu lap dance with some carefully selected music blaring throughout the house.

On another occasion I remember sending a picture of just two items of clothing (corset and what had been affectionately dubbed as ‘your sexy-coat’) and one stable surface (a table) to Megan, which was something of a promise for how the evening was about to go down. Pun intended.

We had been very lucky to have plenty of time together in those early days. We didn’t typically book holiday off together as we realised that we’d get to see more of each other if I’d spend a week back home and then Megan could spend a week with me here in London. It made my days at work drag when I knew she was at home waiting for me, she would sweetly come and visit me on my lunch breaks and we’d fog up the windows in her little car when it was cold outside (we were just talking, honest).

After a couple months had passed we planned to make the most of the August Bank Holiday weekend and get away from London and Somerset for a few days. We would be heading for the coast, I had booked us into a little B&B in Lulworth Cove and I hoped that we’d have glorious weather and get to take nice long walks along the cliffs and enjoy the soothing sounds of waves gently crashing on the shore.

The weekend was actually the first time Megan ever really got annoyed with me, and it was over sex of all things. Specifically it was because I had turned down sex when I’d really rather have been getting down to it. I had turned her down because I had read the situation and her mood wrong… I mean geese cut me some slack! However, once I had been suitably scolded and informed that I should never again turn down sex if it was on offer and I was in the mood, we got on with enjoying the weekend.

From the cove there’s a relatively short coastal path that climbs up a cliff and across the Jurassic Coast to Durdle Door and Dead Man’s Cove. It’s a truly beautiful setting and once we had clambered our way back down onto the shingled beach we found a cave set up in the chalk cliff-side about two meters so we climbed on in and just relaxed with each other for a while. For the end of August it was a mild and overcast day. We were both dressed for slightly warmer weather.

On a good day you could see far and wide, however on this occasion when we looked west we could see an ominous looking raincloud drawing closer. We didn’t want to leave the tranquility and seclusion of our little cave but we also didn’t want to get caught in the rain. It didn’t matter, the clouds rolled in faster than we could retreat to our B&B.

This is when I realised that chivalry is a crock of sh!t and that I really pack too lightly when I go away considering the unpredictable nature of British weather. I braved the freezing cold rain in just a t-shirt since Megan was shivering away in a lacy slip of a t-shirt, as I gave up my zip-up hoody. We couldn’t wait to get back to our room and test out the bathtub together and get all warmed up, it was the one thought that kept us moving instead of retreating again into the cave.

After we were done rubbing ‘each others backs’ it was time to get bundled up in some warm, dry clothes and find something to eat. This is where I encountered my first major problem of the weekend, I had only brought one pair of jeans with me and I was now forced to put on a soggy, cold and crumpled pair. Megan thankfully drove us everywhere looking for somewhere to buy another pair, we were in a tiny village where the local charity shop wasn’t even open. It would have been alright it I needed a wetsuit from the hut on the beach however.

All things considered it was a great weekend. I surprise myself sometimes by how much I’ll put up with and still smile when I’m in love, when my primary focus was her and all the ways we could express our love for each other. There have been many excursions, trips and events where a little rain had completely ruined my mood and enjoyment of the moment. Not for us, not for Megan, we were on fire.


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