Good Together

“You look good together” and “You guys make a hot couple” became statements that I heard rather frequently over the first few months that Megan and I were together. That was novel, I was seldom (perhaps never) referred to as hot, and we were a hot couple. It wasn’t about looks it was about the chemistry.

Sure, I loved being part of that hot couple, I imagine the split was about 75/25 in Megan’s favour, she was hot enough for the both of us. What made us sizzle was the complete and utter attentiveness that we seemed to have for each other. Every time we caught each others eye there would be smiles from ear to ear. We were tactile even when we were out with our friends and we were in the phase where you just can’t get enough of each other.

Minds would stray to that last moment together when clothing was optional and you’d be experimenting with new ways to make the lady say ‘Oh my god!’ or ‘Stop, I just can’t take anymore’ (in a good way!) so it was only natural that every so often, when forced out to mingle while with company we’d be thick as thieves waiting for the next instalment of alone time.

I remember being out with a couple of friends when visiting Somerset one weekend. My friend Laura happened to work with an ex-rugby teammate of mine, Julie. We arranged to go out at a local pub for local people and catch up. I think it was the first time I had seen Laura since Megan and I had gotten together and although most people had figured out we were now a couple it still wasn’t general knowledge.

One of the best things I noticed on this night out was how little affected I was by any mention of people that had one played a pivotal part in my life. Julie was in contact with my ex-girlfriend Lara, her new girlfriend and Heidi and Daryl who I considered at one time to be much closer than friends, we were a little gay-family.

When I heard about what Heidi was up to now I was happy for her. She had finally found love and was in a relationship that was making her very happy, I didn’t really care to hear much about what the rest were up to. I didn’t delight in their happiness, I didn’t wish them any ill feeling. I did however from time to time feel sorry for Lara’s new girlfriend, as I knew from snippets of information I had been privy to that she was being less than honest with her. I had warned her at the outset, it was down to her to realise what Lara was like now.

A part of me wondered if I should be concerned about what I said in front of Julie, just how much of what was going on in my life now did I really want getting back to those guys? I didn’t have an issue about whether I trusted Julie or not, it’s just human-nature to gossip and share information. I never expect anyone to keep a secret for me, I’m just careful about what I say in some situations.

I wasn’t sure I wanted them to know anything, I had dropped them completely after the break-up. It was the healthiest thing for me to do at the time. However now that I was in a much better place I wasn’t so sure. If I saw any of them while out I probably would have politely said Hello.

I didn’t really want them to know about Megan and I, not the details anyway. With it being such a small town it was unavoidable that they’d know we were together eventually. In fact, I didn’t really want them to know anything about my life, London was great and I was thriving here. I could have bragged, I just didn’t feel the need to.

I did have a lot to brag about I guess. I had been invited to interview for the new position I had applied for at work, then to a second interview. I was eventually offered the role and looking forward to joining my new team in September 2012. It felt great to have been in my position for less than a year and to be recognised for doing well and finally getting ahead with my career. I had spent years in Somerset without ever getting a break, not even once interviewed for any of the positions I had applied for when they came up.

I was closer than ever with my family, after break-up number two there really wasn’t anything I couldn’t talk to my parents about anymore. Sure there are still limits, I don’t share all the sordid details of my life with my parents, I don’t understand the type of families that do to be honest.

Then there were my housemates, we were having a blast. It was nice to be in a house-share where we actually would all hang out in the living room together drinking and laughing. I had known Dana for quite some time by this point and there was always something going on in our house, a new story to tell about our womanising housemates or our own personal dating disasters. I was no longer experiencing dating-disasters however, I was goofy happy.

Every time I came home to London I would have some new recollection of another perfect weekend with Megan. There was a sense of occasion to every trip to Somerset filled with surprises. There were times when we cooked for each other (I’m a terrible cook, I just about managed to pull together some Mexican food thanks to Old El-Passo) and days out followed by nights in. The time always flying past in a blur. We were snap happy too, so almost every weekend there would be more photographs posted online of yet another amazing time together.

I remember Megan missing me as I joined my family on a day and evening out at the races where we stayed on to see Jessie J perform afterwards. It was a long hot day in the middle of August and I got to see some old family friends that I hadn’t seen in years. I wasn’t interested in the racing at all, I was very much interested in Jessie J however. The day went on and on and we were in the middle of nowhere grabbing something to eat on the way home and Megan was getting impatient to see me. It was sweet really, even if she was kinda grumpy with me for being out longer than I thought I would be.

We made ordinary days out feel like something spectacular because we were together, things that we had done time and time again felt new and wonderful because it was shared. Even a trip to Weston-Super-Mare was a magical day out in the sunshine. We went on fairground rides, played arcade games on the pier and walked along the beach hand in hand. What more could a girl want?

We were just good together. Nothing could possibly go wrong. I knew her hang ups, she knew mine and we worked around them together, always finding a way to put each other first and make each other feel amazing. It was a time when I thought there would never be any problem too big. I had faith that whatever was thrown our way we could manage.


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