Festival Fun

Every year my company puts on a summer party. Actually calling it a party is an insult, it’s an all out festival. They usually have a pretty decent line up too. The year before I had just missed out on going to the festival as I’d made other plans weeks before, I was gutted when I realised I’d missed Tinie Tempah. This year (2012) the line was was pretty awesome. The headline act was Example and DJ Fresh. There were some other acts in the line up as well, I think the group Stooshe? My memory is a little vague.

Megan was keen to unwind after her long trip up on the train. We had both been looking forward to her coming to stay for a few days. We knew that tonight would probably be the night for us, the first night we would be spending together. We’d been seeing each other for about three weeks by this point, and for lesbians that’s like moving at a snails pace.

When we were apart from each other it was easy to talk about, we happily discussed every single little fantasy we could have had. That was pretty interesting, it seemed we couldn’t help ourselves, every time we tried to discuss something romantic and sweet this desire would be bubbling under the surface. Almost every late night conversation ended a little steamy, by the time we were alone together in my room getting ready to head back to the party there was a nervous energy between us.

After we had both rushed around to freshen up we walked back down to Ealing Broadway where we could get the bus back to the party. Both of us were looking forward to enjoying a couple of drinks that night, it would help with the nerves. I enjoyed the walk down to Ealing, Megan wasn’t holding back here. We were together, there was no worrying about being discovered by her ex or any of her friends who had all been left behind in Somerset. We walked hand-in-hand in the early evening sunshine. It was one of those small romantic gestures that just made me fall even more in love with Megan.

When we arrived back at my work the festival wasn’t quite in full swing but everyone pretty much had clocked off work by now and made their way to the party. It was shaping up to be a good night. There was much more than just the music going on, in previous years there had been fairground rides, alternative entertainment like comedians and little freebies. Of course there was drink and food on site, and if you didn’t want to pay bar prices for alcohol you could just nip to Tesco to stock up.

There were a couple of familiar faces from the office in Somerset who had made the trip up. Megan seemed a bit nervous about being introduced over and over again. I was a little nervous myself, I was generally ‘out and proud’ with most of my colleagues but I didn’t even pretend to know most of the department that well. This was my first real workplace ‘outing’ after tonight everyone would no. We meandered around the place and grabbed a bite to eat, I had managed to introduce Megan to most people I was friendly with at work but for the most part we kept to ourselves and soaked up the atmosphere.

I’m lucky to work at such a large, diverse and generally accepting company. There were hundreds of people at the party and as we explored the area it was comforting to note that we weren’t the only lesbian couple there. We had spotted another couple about our age just as tactile and affectionate as we were. It’s one of the main reasons I love where I work, you really do get to be 100% yourself at all times.

Everyone was getting buzzed, there were cans of cider that had been brought in by the crate-load, I had opted for a few mixers, the company had given us tokens for the stalls selling food and the bar, those disappeared quite quickly. Everyone was really just killing time waiting for the main stage to get the party going and bust out the tunes. Until that time came everyone was eat, drink and get merry. Perfect.

Megan and I were still doing the rounds, I was making introductions to my friends and colleagues. We moved between different groups of them throughout the night. When the music started we ventured under the marquee to see what was going on. To begin with the work choir kicked things off singing some of the summers pop hits and some Abba classics. It was all good fun. When they were done the party really started.

It was a swelteringly hot day in the middle of July. It was hot and sticky underneath the marquee and then more and more bodies were getting crammed into the big tent. Typically at any music even I would fight my way to the front and try to get some awesome photos. On this night however we had spotted a few of my colleagues carving out some space to throw some ridiculous shapes in the middle of the marquee, it was amusing to witness and the music was ramping up so we hovered on the edge on their make-shift dance floor and enjoyed the music and the general atmosphere.

It wasn’t long before the music went off the charts amazing. It was around about the time when DJ Fresh had started his set, and I couldn’t help it, I wanted to dance and sing along at the top of my lungs. It wasn’t log before Megan was dancing too, then in no time at all we were dancing together. Then in even less time we were dancing rather close, so close we would put the moves from dirty dancing in the ‘prim and proper’ category.

We both seemed to have forgotten where we were as we got swept up in the atmosphere, it felt just like a festival and not at all like a work summer function. There was no business being attended to tonight, this was all about unwinding and having fun. Megan and I had completely forgotten time and place and the dancing was sexy as hell, it wasn’t long before we stopped to kiss, I mean really kiss each other.

I was surprised that we had gone that far, but couldn’t stop myself either. I sheepishly looked around to see if anyone had noticed us getting slightly carried away. A few familiar faces had their heads turned in our direction. All I remember was thinking at that point ‘Well if they didn’t know I was gay before, they certainly do now.’ Just before picking right back up where we had left off.

We dancing, sang and smooched the night away in the hot sticky tent. We stayed right to the end of the music but managed to slip off early enough that we bagged a seat on a nearly empty bus for the short trip back into Ealing. We were acting like teenagers the whole time. We made a bee-line straight for the back seat and continued making our like horny teenagers, each touching each other just in ways we knew would drive each other crazy.

Maybe it was something about the atmosphere, maybe we were both just high on life and a little buzzed from the alcohol and finally really being able to enjoy being together. I remember that I didn’t feel nervous at all as we walked home in the moonlight, it was still a warm evening and even knowing that tonight would be our first time and everything up to this day had all been stacked against us ever making it to this day, it just felt perfect.

I didn’t want it to end, lucky for me that Megan was on exactly the same wavelength. We had managed to get back to mine at a decent hour but the night was far from over. From the moment we clambered through the front door we were all over each other again. We crept through the darkness, not quite knowing whether we had the house to ourselves or not and made our way to my bedroom. The nerves were making a return, the evening full of provocative dancing had us both wound up.

For the past few weeks I had imagined how our first night together would be. I had wanted it to be perfect. Megan had shared her doubts and insecurities with me, she had confided in me that she would be nervous. She always had been about letting anyone touch her before. Again I didn’t want to pry and ask her why, I knew she had some pretty ugly skeletons in her closet and I wasn’t going to bring them up when she didn’t want to.

I think I felt more nervous this night than I have ever been when being with someone for the first time. I wanted every moment to be perfect, for her. We had waited, it was meant happen now, in this moment. So I think the night didn’t disappoint, we started off rather eager before really slowing things down and savouring each moment. We didn’t even make it to the bed in my tiny single room, Megan’s clothes ended up in a pile by the bedroom door.

There wasn’t much sleeping that night, we both made good on every promise in those risqué messages that had been recently flying back and forth. Megan confessed that her intimacy worries seemed like a thing of the past, everything with us seemed to effortless. There was no doubt about whether either of us were having a good time, we both managed to have a good time over and over again.

I was hooked on this girl, I know we had joked about me being like a drug to her, but it truly was unbelievable. I genuinely hadn’t felt anything like it before, my previous relationships seemed to pale in comparison. I thought I had been in love before, I had loved before but I don’t think I had ever really been in love until that moment. What we had was intensely passionate, attentive and romantic. It felt a bit like winning the lottery.

The rest of the weekend continued blissfully, the sun continued to shine and we stayed explored London like tourists together. We took a night time trip on the London eye taking photos everywhere we went. So blissfully wrapped up in each other that most places we went someone would offer to take a photo of us together. We skipped across the jubilee bridge towards Embankment and the music was pumping out of a nearby club, it was that Shakira – Waka Waka song and we were still high on life and feeling silly so we were skipping and dancing in the street.

The Olympics were still in full swing and the mascot could be spotted all over London, we hunted them down where ever we were. One of my favourite photos from that weekend was having my photo taken at night outside the Tower of London and posing just right so that it looked like the mascot was trying to spank me. It was a fun weekend that belonged to happiness. There was no turning back now, I was hers for the taking.


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