Corsican tell you about my holiday

Do you see what I did there? Punny I know. So we packed up our troubles in our old kit bag and headed for the airport. We discovered that flying from Gatwick was infinitely cheaper than attempting to fly from Bristol I booked the car park and we all bundled into my car and set off.

Mine and Heidi’s fight already seemed long forgotten in the excitement of going on holiday. I had prepared as well I I could for going away, stocking up on suntan lotion, insect repellant and making sure I had something new to read for camping out on the sun lounger. We’d all brought reading material with us on this holiday since there didn’t seem to be much else in the area to do.

Corsica is a beautiful island complete with white sandy beaches, we had the most amazing weather while we were there too which is all we really asked of the week. The pictures from the brochure didn’t disappoint. We had a rather compact accommodation for the week and were very much living on top of each other when ever we were in the apartment or chalet or what ever you’d call it.

Santa Giulia, Corsica

Santa Giulia, Corsica

After our very first day there we found the beach, a local shop to buy some supplies and checked out the bar in the resort. There really wasn’t much else about to do or see. So we decided to rent a car for a couple days and explore the island. We booked at reception to spend the latter part of the week with the car and that we’d chill out and relax early in the week.

Now, I’m not a fan of sand, or the sea for that matter. In the sea you’re literally swimming with fishes and it creeps me out a bit, especially when you can’t see then sneaking around underneath you. Then the sand just gets everywhere. So I was really surprised to find that I really didn’t mind being on the beach so much. I donned my flip flops and waddled to the shore so that I could have a paddle in the warm shallow parts. There were tiny fish in the clear water scurrying around your feet with every step, I was still Ok with that, I even found it amusing and tried to take a picture of them.

There was a really long jetty in the middle of the bay and it was just begging for you to jump off of it into the refreshing sea. I was still too chicken for that. Instead I thought I’d go swimming in the pool when we got back to the hotel. As it happened I only remember dipping my feet in the pool as I read my book in the roasting sun. Day one and I managed to get spectacular sunburn.

Heidi and Daryl spend much of their time down at the beach playing in the sea. I preferred sunbathing and reading my book. I didn’t really know what to expect from the book I was reading. I had enjoyed reading the Twilight books and thought I’d give another vampire book a go. The one I picked at random from Waterstones was colourful, as in it managed to make me blush. It was pure filth, a really smutty book that I wish I knew the title of to recommend to you. I remember laughing out loud at some of it.

The book was entertainment enough for an evening, Daryl and I would take it in turns to read out some select phrases while we were encamped in out apartment making dinner. At night we went out to explore the coast and see if there was anywhere to go out for dinner or drinks, there was only really one place and after the first night we didn’t go back there again.

Furniture like this

Furniture like this

We tried out the cocktails in the bar… they were good but expensive. The funniest part I remember of drinking at the bar was a furniture malfunction. They had this nice cushioned outdoor garden furniture, and when Daryl had gotten back from the bar one evening he took his seat and his cushion fell straight through, all we could see were his legs in the air. It cracked us all up but none more so than Heidi who remembered him doing something so very similar on a holiday they had been on before, she couldn’t tell us the story for crying with laughter at the time.

My book was over before we were really done laughing at it’s absurdity and I loaned it to Daryl to read afterwards. I don’t think he managed to finish it for cringing with almost every page. Just before we could get too bored with our surroundings and each other it was time to receive our hire car and set off about the island exploring.

The island is deceptively large. There was a turtle sanctuary on the other side of the island I would have loved to visit however when we looked into it we realised it was a mammoth drive and thought about exploring some of the towns closer to our resort. With the freedom of the car we were able to find  decent supermarket, laugh at the laptops they sold with their funny keyboards with all the letters in the wrong order, a tin of cock and some raped cheese. Simple things please simple minds after all.

Look at all the sweets!

Look at all the sweets!

I enjoyed driving in Corsica much more than I’d ever enjoyed my previous experience of driving abroad. The roads seemed a lot safer, and we set off to Bonafacio. Everything in this cove is built into the cliffs, even the shops along the bay are recessed into caves, the most amazing sweetshop with rum barrels overflowing with goodies was something to see. We also found an amazing ice-cream parlour that was worth a second trip back the next day to get our fix.

We also went out on a boat trip up and down the coast. The boat took us expertly through coves and into caves we thought impossible to reach in  a boat the size we were piled into. That in itself was rather impressive. I remember actually listening to the tour guide at one point in just enough time to see from a distance a remarkable sight of a staircase chiselled into the cliff, it looked so out of place and must have taken forever to pull off.

In the last couple of days I overcame my dear of swimming in the sea and ventured out to play in the ocean with Heidi and Daryl. It was actually really fun until I got freaked out by something blurry moving in the water underneath me. I swam back to the shore and then slowly convinced myself to get back out there, perhaps just not as far out this time. There were people windsurfing at the beach, they did lessons and I was really tempted. Perhaps if I ever go on a holiday like that again I’ll give it a go.


Bonafacio, Cliff Steps

Bonafacio, Cliff Steps

Before too long it was time to hand the car back, which was hard going. Although I had a nice car at home this one was newer and a really nice drive. Then too soon we had to pack our bags and head back home. It felt like it was all over very quickly. It had been a quiet and relaxing week, and Lara and I had gotten through the whole week without any kind of argument. The accommodation was too small for us to really even entertain the idea of having a night filled with hot and steamy holiday sex, the romance in general was in short supply between us. However that was true of life in general and not just this holiday.

We got back to the real world and before too long the routine continued. The vicious cycles continued and everything was back to it regular ebb and flow. Even when times were bad there was comfort in the familiar and I still wasn’t ready to disturb the hornets nest. I find it hard to write about Lara, she was always still my best friend during these times but I never felt like she understood me or what my expectations were of her as my girlfriend, I typically felt disappointed. Every time I hoped that things would get better, she always promised they would, I would just wind up being deceived again. I suppose I’m thinking of it now as I always thought of holidays as having the most potential for us to reconnect and get back on track. Whenever we got back home when I realised that never happened it made my post holiday blues always that much more severe.



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