When Lara and I had been together for 2 years our lives were pretty entwined, nothing showed this more than when occasions would pop up. Not just our own birthdays and anniversaries but those of our families too. We found ourselves present at each others parents birthday celebrations, receiving gifts at birthdays and Christmas from each others family. It was all seemed pretty serious. Although I’d been in a longer relationship before, I’d never really experienced that before.

2009 was a year of occasions, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary in London. I arranged the trip to the city to watch Mama Mia and had booked us into a pretty nice hotel near Leicester Square. It’d be some time away for just the two of us and we’d get to explore the city like we hadn’t before. Although we were staying just a stone throw away from Soho we didn’t go out drinking and partying the night away.

We both really enjoyed the show and we made the most of the hotel room, since it was our anniversary it’d be rude not to. I remember that we had travelled prepared packing certain accessories in our overnight bags, which didn’t seem like an issue when we were planning our trip until we arrived at Madame Tussauds on our last day in London and they were doing bag searches. There were some nervy glances exchanged between us as we queued up and somehow I ended up with the bag as we passed through the security there and I breathed a sigh of relief as the bloke did a much less than thorough search.

We were such tourists that weekend. We took so many photos as we were going out around the town, as well as some indulgent couple selfies before we went out to the theatre. While playing about in Madame Tussauds we took the standard photos where it looks like you’re bending over Johnny Wilkinson, or getting a lucky punch in with Muhammed Ali. It was fun being a tourist, I still feel like a tourist when I’m out in London to this day. I haven’t experienced all the many attractions and discovered everything it has to offer so until then I always will be.

One thing I remember really clearly was that I had a love/hate f the photos we had taken this weekend. On the one hand I loved that we were enjoying ourselves and being silly together, on the other hand I was huge, not quite the biggest I’d ever been, I’d hit that low point about a year later. Although I knew at the time I would need to do something about my weight or it would only get worse I wouldn’t actually do anything about it for a long time.

After this occasion there were many more throughout the year, most of which I’ve already talked through. You never know I might get my memories in order from here on and talk about events as they happened. Who am I kidding, the copious amounts of vodka I like to indulge in have addled my brains and fogged everything up. Next time I’ll get back to the end of 2009 where I deviated from my story two posts ago.


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