The holy pilgrimage

I wrote a while back now about my first experience at a Pink concert and called it Lesbian Mecca. This would be my fifth time seeing Pink live and to date is the last holy pilgrimage I have been able to attend. I went to two arena tours with Katy, one festival with Michael and Aaron and then this would be the second time with Lara and the guys.

The four of us, Heidi, Daryl, Lara and I were heading up to Manchester. It was shaping up to be a good weekend. We’d all booked into a Premier Inn a stones throw from the venue. When we arrived we could see all the people milling about waiting for the concert to start. Since we’d all purchased standing tickets this time we were keen to join the queue early and fight our way to the front. I was armed with my camera that Lara had gotten me for Christmas and planned on getting close enough to the stage to take some decent photos.

Pink: I Touch MyselfAll I can say is mission accomplished. The stage set up was pretty standard, with a long catwalk from the middle of the stage out into the audience. When I had seen Pink while standing before I stood at the end of the catwalk and had to wait for opportune moments to take decent photos, this time we were right near the front to the left. Prime position for when Pink came out to sing ‘I touch myself’ I tell you now, if you haven’t seen this performance before, look it up on you tube, you won’t be sorry.

While we spent the afternoon queuing in the train station at the MEN Arena, we bought programs and other souvenirs. I still have the t-shirt I bought that weekend, I wish I’d been able to keep the program but that kinda went missing. There’s nothing like the atmosphere at a Pink concert, although I think you only truly get the feel for it when your standing and you’ve al scrambled to the front. Once everyone’s claimed their position in front of the stage and thought to themselves, ‘This is good, better view than I thought I’d get.’

Pink: I'm Not Dead TourBefore the show we were laughing and joking with the ladies around us, at a gig Pink I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I estimate that about 80% of the audience are lesbians. Poor Daryl was probably the only guy in a 100m radius, even in a packed crowd. However when the show starts all niceties stop and everyone has eyes only for Pink and be damned if you obstruct someone else’s view! I remember odd things about the show, like Heidi getting frustrating with the girls standing in front of her and even though she hadn’t moved a muscle for a long time they couldn’t seem to avoid standing on her feet repeatedly as they attempted to get into better positions as Pink moved about the stage.

Pink has become renown for her acrobatics while performing, and when we’d seen her I’m not Dead tour in London she’d done a spectacular trapeze act, however this time she’d damaged her shoulder in rehearsals or the previous night’s performance and wouldn’t be able to do it. She did however manage to do the ribbons at the end, I usually detests glitter, but as she was spinning around in the air above us singing ‘Glitter in the Air’ I didn’t really care that it was falling from the ceiling, we were just far enough away from the end of the catwalk not to get drenched in glitter.

Pink: The FinaleIt was the most amazing concert I think I’ve been to of Pinks, I was with good company and we were all having a great time. Before going out we’d all gotten ready at the hotel, when Lara and I went down to Heidi and Daryl’s room to grab them we could hear their music the second we arrived on their floor, they were both in a party mood. We posed to a photo together as if we were the X-Factor judges, we laughed a lot. We planned on going out on Canal Street after.

Having said that I don’t actually remember going out on Canal Street at all. I think we were rather tired from being on our feet for so long. As we left the venue we were all grumbling about how stiff our legs were. Lara in particular had found the heat difficult to deal with and mentioned several times that she thought she was close to passing out. However as my name suggests, I am a bit of a music freak and after any concert I’m on a bit of a high, sure my legs ached and I was all hot and sweaty from being crammed in like sardines, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

I think when we got back to the hotel it was with the idea to freshen up and then hit the town. I vaguely remember going for a walk and finding Canal Street but I don’t remember going into any of the bars. Lara was complaining that she was hungry and aching and just wanted to sleep, so we all headed back to the hotel. I think we learned in the morning that Daryl and Heidi headed back out into Manchester after we’d called it a night, I don’t blame them. I’d rather have been drinking the night away. It’s not often none of us would have to be designated driver and it would have been fun to make the most of it.

We saw out the rest of the weekend by checking out the shopping and dining out together before taking the long trip home. My biggest desire for the weekend was to get some amazing photos during the concert, I think you can agree that I did OK on that front. You wouldn’t believe I was only using a little Fuji compact digital camera that was only 8MP. You get better camera’s on mobile phones these days.

Up next will be a couple of memories that are a bit out of sequence, I blame nothing but my poor memory. It’s the effort of remembering all these events I’ve ignored in my mind for so long. Some come back stronger than others and then some just pop up and surprise you from time to time, my sequence of events is a bit off. I remember now a moment that I heard from Katy completely out of the blue, and a weekend in London with Lara, I think it was for our second anniversary.


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