Lets start 2008

In the short time between Christmas and NYE I didn’t really get up to much. I rarely take much time off work during Christmas since it can be difficult to get holiday authorised and anyway, since I have no children or extraordinary travel plans I tend to leave it so that others who need it more can use it up.

I used to enjoy New Years Eve a lot more than I do now. I used to plan nights in or nights out, make sure I spent it with friends or family. More recently I don’t tend to make an occasion of it. I also noticed that time seems to pass by so quickly that many of my memories have seamlessly burred together into blocks of time and I can’t distinguish how, when or why certain things happened.

I remember bringing in 2008 with a house party. I was still living at home with my parents and I had invited a few friends around to party. I can’t even remember who I invited very clearly now, I’m sure Michael and the boys had been invited, though not all of them were able to make it. I would have invited Ryan too but I can’t remember if he was there or not. Then there was Megan and Rose, strangely they came but weren’t able to stay until midnight, it was a fleeting visit of a couple hours.

They were the first to show up and the first to leave. A party at my house pretty much means a lot of alcohol, often consumed in the kitchen, take out because I hate to cook, really cheesy music , multi-player computer games like wii sports or singstar and lots of banter.

By this time Lara and I weren’t hanging out with either of our exes anymore. There were no hard feelings we’d all just drifted apart since everyone had moved on by now. To this day I’ve never heard from or seen Emma again, and as for Katy, we’d occasionally bump into each other every so often and had some acquaintances in common but that was it for our friendship.

I remember setting up all the technology for the evening, I was busy playing on the Wii when Megan and Rose showed up early. It was a little embarrassing since I was soberly singing to some poor-mans imitation of singstar that had been made for the wii. It was pretty clear early on that no one else would be joining in so Wii Sports it would be then.

Of course most of us would be more interested in drinking. Lara isn’t very good at drinking, whereas by this time I was a seasoned professional. I was the sort of person that if I couldn’t join the guys until late on a night out I’d want to catch up, I once got to the bar when they were already drunk and needed to catch up. I headed straight for the bar and bought myself 10 vodka shots and a couple cans of redbull, that was just round one.

We were all talking about what we had each gotten for Christmas, I remembered showing Megan and Rose the guitar that Lara had bought me. Rose claimed to know how to play the guitar so I was keen for her to show me how it was done, I handed it over and needless to say I think she was all talk, I certainly couldn’t recognise what she was attempting to play.

It wasn’t long after the rest of my friends starting showing up for the evening that one of Megan and Rose’s parents came to take them onto whatever else they had planned for the evening. The rest of us got rather drunk and ended the evening letting some Chinese lanterns go, I wasn’t organised enough to buy them for the party, instead these were left over from a mammoth fireworks party we’d had in November. My brother, cousin and one of their friends have pyromaniac tendencies, and for a period of about 4 or 5 years every Guy Forks Night would typically end up with nearly thousands of pounds worth of fireworks being set off in our back garden. Fun times.

I think if I remember rightly Lara had gotten very drunk, she made it to midnight and we did the customary happy new year kiss. The rest of the guys didn’t stay long past midnight as my parents would be on their way home soon. It wasn’t until everyone was leaving that I realised just how drunk Lara was, and when Lara gets drunk she’s sick. It’s very difficult for me to look after anyone in that state and I don’t think I managed very well.

It was a bit of a flat way to end the evening, but 2008 had begun. There’s something about a new year that’s brings about positivity. All the new resolutions you might make and hope to keep, generally just looking to the future, thinking about what the next year could possibly have in store for you. If you end the year on a low you hope the next one will be better, if you end it on a high you see your future unfolding before you and look forward to it.

I ended the year on a high. Lara and I had been together nearly a year, we were still going strong, we had only had one or two hiccups that were easily dealt with. We both looked to our future, we talked about one day maybe moving in together, happily discussed what we wanted out of life, whether things like marriage and family were important to us, we weren’t planning anything but it was good to know.

So I ended the year hopefully, happy and looking to the future. Exactly as a new year should be. This new year doesn’t really stand out among my memories, it was pretty uneventful and nondescript. It’s another one of those moments when you need to remember the positives. It was such a young relationship, full of hope, we had plenty of friends around us, I had a great relationship with my family, I got on really well with most of Lara’s family. Times were good and all I hoped was that it would continue.


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