Little Lesbian Bubble

Shiny, new, fleeting, fragile bubbles. The thing about bubbles are that they’re all too easily popped and not intended to last much longer than a few seconds. However if you find yourself isolated in that metaphorical bubble with the one you love you don’t seem to think about the day it’s going to burst.

We were lucky in a way, we lived in our bubble for a long time, even in those early days when it seemed that those around us weren’t going to stop trying to catch our bubble just to pop it. After a couple of months, Lara and I had stopped going out with Emma and Katy so often. They would go out in Bath and Bristol more regularly and we’d step back from the scene and go out locally instead.

Initially that meant spending more time with Heidi, my old school friends, the guys and some colleagues and school friends of Lara’s that would be out quite often. However around about the same time Lara and I were just getting together Heidi had decided to go abroad and try her hand at working in Spain for a while, we stopped hanging out with those guys so much in her absence.

For a long time we were content with just each other’s company. After the first couple of weeks we never really spent a night apart. It was so strange for me to be able to have someone stay over when I was still living with my parents, it was out of the question the whole time I had been with Katy.

It was pretty full on looking back at it now, I remember we spent just one night apart in those early days. I practically kicked Lara out of my house in the middle of the night because I wasn’t feeling well. Since we’d only been together a couple months I didn’t really want her to see me being sick, it didn’t matter how loving and attentive she would have been.

The pattern of our days had begun, if I had to leave for work early we’d stay the nights at hers and vice-versa. It was a good way to make sure that one of us could still get a morning in bed if we didn’t have work early. We’d still go out occasionally in Bath and Bristol but we were doing so less and less. Initially we stepped back to let the dust settle after we’d been discovered together, then it was just nice being away from it all so we stayed away from the scene.

One of the last nights out I remember with Katy and Emma was for Katy’s birthday in April, we went out to Mandalyn’s in Bath and headed onto the clubs in Bristol after. Which was pretty much the standard way to celebrate a gay birthday for us by this point. Katy was back to her usual self, flirting with anything that had a heartbeat and was dividing her attentions between two girls at the time.

It was strange, since she’d seen me move on she seemed to turn to me more for advice. I remember speaking with her about these two girls she had liked. There was one girl Tessa who lived in Ireland who we’d met when she came over to see her friends in Bath, and then through the same friends of ours in Bath Katy had met Amy who was a student who lived in England but still miles away.

Katy knew that a time was coming when she would have to chose between the two girls. She was ready for a new relationship. So she talked it over with me, I didn’t tell her who to choose, she just rambled on at me about each of them with minimal encouragement from me. Katy visited Tessa in Ireland and when she came back found herself spending more time with Amy. I personally thought that Katy had more history and more chemistry with Tessa, but then I think I only thought that since I had seen them out together more than I had seen her with Amy. Katy chose Amy in the end.

When we’d both moved on we certainly started seeing each other less, the friendship lessened to acquaintances. I’d still occasionally in those early days get the occasional call for advice, even in the middle of the night, we’d be able to mix in a group but there was no need for us to ever be close like we used to be anymore. It kept the little lesbian bubble that Lara and I had strong, we were left alone to enjoy being together.

By the time June came around we were planning our first holiday together. My birthday was at the end of the month and we booked a 5 day break in Cornwall. We were still friendly with Emma during this time and our birthdays were pretty close together, we arranged a joint celebration.

That was a bit of a farce, we started with a BBQ at Emma’s place, all her family were there and Katy and Peter were out with us too. Then we went on to Bath for the rest of the night. Plenty of people had been invited out to celebrate Emma’s birthday, no one seemed to have been informed that it was my birthday, funny that. I didn’t mind, I knew that when the morning of my birthday came I’d be on my way to Cornwall for the week. I was still protected in our little lesbian bubble, too far gone to notice or care if anyone wasn’t being nice to me.

Lara and I went to Cornwall, we stayed in a little chalet at a holiday park in St. Ives. Although it was the end of June the weather was very temperamental. It was 2007 the summer that Rihanna’s Umbrella was number one all summer, which was ironic because it was the summer where the whole of England seemed to suffer with awful flooding all summer.

We spent the raining afternoons chilling out watching Wimbledon in the Chalet, we explored everything Cornwall had to offer including Newquay, the Seal Sanctuary, Lands End, Penzance and the aquarium. We took tonnes of photos together the whole time we were away, stayed up late and had lazy mornings in bed together.

I still love Cornwall, this was the first time I had been there since my 10th birthday. Which I remember quite clearly, it’s the first holiday that I remember going on with my Nan, we stayed at a Haven holiday park and my parents bought me gold hoop earrings for my birthday. My Nan won Glamorous Gran one night and then sacrificed her skirt and false teeth the following night for an odd game being played at the club house. It was hilarious. I felt rather nostalgic when I found myself back there 12 years later.

The one thing that I’d arranged for while we were there was to spend a day on the Isles of Scilly. We got the boat from Penzance and travelled over to the islands, it’s not really the best place for a day trip. If you’re planning on going at least stay over night so that you can book yourself onto an excursion to go see the puffins and dolphins. We’d have loved to have had the time to do that, but we had to get on the last boat back on time.

Never the less, it was sunny and that was welcome enough. We walked through the quiet village, climbed rocks around the edge of the bay and snoozed on some large boulders in the sun, we both ended up pink faced by the time we were heading back to the mainland. On the trip back Lara got ridiculously sea-sick, by the time everyone was waiting to get off the boat she’d gone white as a sheet and looked like she was about to fall down.

When we finally got off the boat we sat on the sea wall for a while so that Lara could compose herself before we got in the car and headed back to the Chalet. Those were our ‘honeymoon’ days I guess. We had so much fun doing nothing, we drove around Cornwall and if we saw something that made us laugh we’d stop to photograph it, like a road sign for a town or village called ‘Cocks’ everything was effortless.

No one ever really knows how long the bubbles will last. Ours was still going strong at the 4 month mark during this holiday. We saw an endless future in front of us and agreed we’d like to come back to Cornwall again next year and have many more holidays together. Nothing would ever come between us, we lived in our own little world where no one could touch us. Emma had failed to break us apart, so had Katy in her early attempt, we were strong right?


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