Old habits

Old habits die hard. What Katy and I had was fast becoming a habit. We had spent a total of nine months without being exclusive. It was supposed to be a break up but we never really stopped having sex. That was our habit, it seemed to happen whenever we were within a five mile radius of each other.

We had played so many games with each other while I was away at Uni that we didn’t have a very trusting friendship. There were some things that I found really hard to make sense of, mostly all of a sudden it was her close friendship with my friends from college. Before I had gone away to Uni Katy didn’t really like them, I quite often passed up on a night out with my girl friends to spend time with her. I was always more than happy to invite Katy along yet she usually said no because she didn’t think my friends liked her.

Needless to say, in my absence that didn’t seem to be the case. Katy would often go out with them in Somerset when I wasn’t there, I used to hear all sorts of stories about the nights out they had all had. Katy even managed to have kissed most of them at some point, even though they’re all completely straight. Girls will be girls and I guess when the alcohol is involved some like to experiment, cheeky tourists!

When I returned for the summer it was great to be among my friends again, some of us were away at Uni, some had stayed on locally to continue with college, one thing we all had in common was that we were all there for summer. My friends loved that I had found the joys of alcohol and we spent many nights out on the dance floor in our only nightclub in town where our feet would stick to the floor if you stayed still for too long. In a town that small with only one place to go we all mingled.

There was Katy, Peter and Michael on the one hand which I considered close friends, then there was my college girls Farrah, Emma, Helen, Kirsty and occasionally Sarah. Over the summer I got to know Michael’s friends more, I had always known of them since we had all been at school together there was Aaron, Nick, Tom and Billy. While I was away our local pub had been closed for a major overhaul and when it re-opened as The Olive Tree Peter had gotten a job there. Naturally me, Katy and the guys would all hang out there most evenings and when we couldn’t afford that anymore we’d all go to Billy’s place to hang out.

Almost every weekend some of us was head into town to finish off the night at the club, it was usually Katy, Paul, Michael and me. I’d get to see my college girls every time we went out in town, we still liked to be the first on the dance floor. The summer started really well.

Katy had all but forgotten about the young girls she’d had encounters with during the past nine months, or so she made me think. Perhaps I was just being dumb, she was spending nearly all of her time out socialising with me, it didn’t ever occur to me that the only reason might have been because I was the only one that was over the age of 18. Her young hapless prey wouldn’t be able to get into the establishments that we went too. I bet if they could that the games would have continued and things would have taken a very different direction.

Yet, without the distractions of other girls, Katy became quite attentive again and I had missed her. I never stopped caring for her the nine months that we were apart, I just knew we weren’t in a healthy relationship and the distance had made it unbearable. Yet, in that moment there was no distance. I had something that I didn’t have the first time around, my friends and Katy with our mutual friends all socialising together. I believed that she had changed, that it wouldn’t be such a stretch for her now to let me have both her and a life of my own.

Katy hadn’t stopped caring for me either, it was too easy to fall back into the routine that we had so many months before. We were both scared of the idea of getting back together, so much had changed in the time we had been apart yet when we were together none of that seemed to matter. We decided to give things another go, what did we have to lose, it wasn’t like it could end any worse that it did the time before, right?


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