Moment by moment

There are so many amusing stories that I have from that summer before I left for University. When I look back at them now I realise that I certainly didn’t appreciate everything I had. I’ve admitted that I wasn’t a very nice person at times, although I was, by this point, in my relationship whole heartedly, it hadn’t started well. My uncertainty in the beginning had been received as rejection, I naively thought that when we finally got together that it wouldn’t matter anymore. The damage was done, but it would be a few months yet before that affected us.

So in my carefree days when I was living for the moment I could make the most of these moments that are now just distant memories. Anyone who has found love at such a young age as we did, will tell you first hand how lust seems to rule your life. It was no different for us, it was like a craving. Anytime or anyplace, it didn’t really matter.

Passing my driving test had certainly helped get us out from under the roof of our respective parents. We had many nights out with friends, out eating, going to Wells as there was a youth group there for LGBT teens, we met some guys and girls there that introduced us to some bars in Bath, and we were all rather sociable. Mostly however my first car, became one of the few places we could be alone.

One evening I remember quite clearly we were busy fogging up the windows of my car, in a usually undisturbed parking spot when we spot a torch light (flashlight for you foreigners) coming in through the window. Busted, we of course stopped what we were doing like rabbits caught in the headlights. Peering out of the window I could just make out that it was a Police Officer, clearly there weren’t looking for us… In the silence we figured out that it was actually a Police Officer that we were familiar with, we’d seen her quite frequently at a gay bar in Bath. Now I’m not sure if she knew for definite that it was us in the car (as I mentioned the windows were pretty steamed up) but from that moment on there was usually small talk when we ran into each other at the pub.

This wasn’t a lone incident, well the Police Officer part was, but we would go anywhere that you could park a car in a secluded spot, and sometimes we didn’t even need the car. Summer is wonderful here in the UK as the whole world knows. Although it was one of those rare ones where we had quite a lot of sunshine. So we spent a lot of time in the great outdoors.

There were sweeter moments too, especially with my imminent departure looming ever closer. One evening Katy and I were heading to one of our favourite spots by some local woodlands. It was a cool summer night and it was beginning to drizzle. My car had lots of character, and I never upgraded the cassette player, I loved that my friends made mix tapes for me.

We were listening to a number of our favourite songs just sitting in my car. When Katy remembered something I’d mentioned a very long time ago. I had talked endlessly in our early days about how much I loved the idea of romance, small romantic gestures just like in the movies. To this day I still enjoy a good chick flick. It was about two weeks before I was due to move to Portsmouth, Katy got out the car, it was probably getting on for midnight and it was raining so finely that it would cling to you, and she asked me to dance.

We let the music play on and we enjoyed a slow dance in the dark secluded countryside, there had been other romantic moments throughout our time together, but this one always seems to stay in my mind if I’m ever trying to think of anything that makes me regret everything that followed a little less. I certainly didn’t think we were saying goodbye, this was just a perfect moment, something to hang on to when we would be living miles apart. It wouldn’t be enough.


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