Ok, so it’s been a very long time since I used a blog and I fear I may be a little rusty. I’ll start with a little background about me, at this exact point in time I’m 28 years old, recently single lesbian living in West London, I work for a large TV and Communications Provider as a Project Coordinator, I miss my friends and family back in Somerset and most importantly for me right now I feel like I’m starting over, again. I’ve been in London for nearly two years now and I’ve yet to find a rhythm here, though I’m pretty convinced that’s because I haven’t really committed to the lifestyle yet.

So what am I doing here, typing anyway to well, no one in particular? I recently met up with someone who I’d started talking to on the Internet (gaydargirls, since you didn’t ask!) and you know how all these sights make you put a tag line up to draw people in, mine is ‘I should write a book…’ And although I acknowledge that this is certainly not a book, it’s a start. It was a good talking point for us and when I confessed some of the things I would put into this book I was encouraged to do so, so here I am!

Over the coming days, weeks, months or however long it takes I’m going to try to tell my story. There is a lot to tell, and I think at some point I have committed almost every relationship faux pas imaginable. All of this is now something which I’m now ready to be brutally honest and comical about although at the time I definitely took myself too seriously.

What do I hope to get out of this, a book deal, an adapted screenplay? Not at all, I just hope that someone finds it interesting, perhaps even educational, I hope it makes you laugh, makes you cringe, you may even identify with some of my experiences. But mostly, it’s for me, In this I will try to track down in this aftermath of my most recent love affair where everything went wrong and how for some reason, I still manage to be a hopeless romantic.


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